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Reaching customers and leads is becoming more difficult. People aren’t opening emails and have become trained not to click on ads.

Crypto.Ƙred lets you create your Brand's own digital collectibles on the Blockchain, without the ICO. Give your leads and existing customers something with real value that carries the message of your brand.


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Coins that cut through

"We aren't putting logos on stressballs anymore." - Steven Krohn, Krohn Media

On Brand

Customize your Coins to represent your business.

Name it, choose a color and add an image, video, or animated GIF to both the front and the back.

Design Concierge


  • Branded Keepsakes with Real Value
  • Promotion of Media
  • Collectible Gamification
  • Customer Rewards
    and more

How it Works


"We aren't putting logos on stressballs anymore. We have tech and are going to use it."

Steven Krohn uses Crypto.Ƙred to create blockchain brand collateral.

Steven's Story

Get Paid your Way

All Coin transactions are paid by default in CƘr. Prefer to receive BTC, ETH or USD? Connect your wallet or Stripe account and your Customers' payments will be sent directly there. We do not hold your money.

Coins that work the way you do

Brands use Crypto.Ƙred for Marketing and Promotion


Branded Keepsake Coins

Crypto.Ƙred Coins carrying your brand's colors, logo or name are a simple and effective way to transfer real value to your Customers and Leads. Coins can be created with a USD equivalent value as low as $0.01 and as high as $100, and can then be sold or traded in the Marketplace.

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  • Cameron's Photography
  • Media View

Media Coins

Every Coin on Crypto.Ƙred carries with it a string of comments. Adding videos, images or links to downloads within a Coin's comments is a simple way to distribute media, where recipients accept the Coin based on its intrinsic value and are exposed to the content you have chosen to share.

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  • Cameron's Photography
  • Media View

Charity and Awareness Coins

Spreading a meaningful message?

Directly allocate the funds collected from all of your Coin's future Marketplace transactions to your Charity or NGO.

Kickstart the sharing by giving Coins with your message to your Community, encouraging them to sell or pass them on to help raise funds and awareness.

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Royalty Coins

Are you an artist or collective looking for a simple way to share your creative assets among your Community?

What if you could create branded collectibles, backed by the security of the blockchain, that pay a direct royalty whenever they're sold in the future?

When creating a Coin on Crypto.Ƙred, simply allocate a percentage of its future Marketplace sales to be paid directly as a split payment to yourself or any other user.

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Redeemable Coins

Tokenizing your existing products and services can help with:

  • Pre-sales: Offer redeemable Coins at a discounted price when compared to your standard offers and encourage advanced sales that can be redeemed later.
  • Distribution: Coins that are sold or given to your customers and leads can then be given or sold to others looking or a business like yours.

Encourage customers to redeem your associated product or service by giving the Coin to your allocated account.

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Promotional Coins

Crypto.Ƙred makes it easy to create a distribute your brand's own Promotional Coins.

Create Coins with your brand's colors, logo or name and distribute them to customers via email or SMS.

Create a batch of Promotional Coins and use its Giveaway URL in your transactional emails to automate your offer!

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Collectible Game Coins

Collector games use simple mechanics where a limited number of Coins are minted in sets, with prizes associated to each. Customers collect or receive random Coins at points of sale or via online distribution, and trade with others with the objective of completing a set and receiving its prize.

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Giveaway Coins

Every Coin created on Crypto.Ƙred shows its live Circulation Count on the front. Showing exactly how many unique users have held this Coin, the Circulation Count allows you to gamify the sharing and distribution of your Coins. For example:

  1. Create 10 Coins that promote your brand and an associated giveaway.
  2. Give the Coins to 10 people and encourage them to share.
  3. Give the prize to the user whose Coin was shared among the most people.

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Loyalty Coins

Take "6 stamps and your next coffee is free" to the next level with your own blockchain secured Loyalty Coins.

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What Brands want to know

Answers for the questions most commonly asked by Brands

[fa icon="plus-square"]What problems does this solve for me?

Many Brands are finding that reaching their customers and leads is becoming more difficult - People aren’t opening emails and have become trained not to click on ads.

Crypto.Ƙred's customized Coins are a disruptive technology to help Brands cut through.

Create your Brand's own digital collectibles and give your leads and existing customers something worth real value that carries the message of your brand.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Is this like creating our own Bitcoin?

There are some important differences between your Brand's customized Coins and Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrecy where every unit of value is interchangeable for another equal unit of value. Your customized Coins are crypto collectibles. Every Coin is actually unique and may be sold or auctioned in the Collectibles Marketplace for a unique value.

  2. Crypto.Ƙred Coins are customizable and can be personalized to represent your business. Control the:
    1. Coin Name
    2. Color
    3. Pattern or texture (optional)
    4. Image or video on the front
    5. Image or video on the back
    6. Coin Value (from $0.01 equivalent)

  3. While Bitcoin is traditionally anonymous, every Coin created on Crypto.Ƙred is social, and includes:
    1. A conversation stream, showing comments between the person who currently holds the Coin and those who have held it in the past.
    2. A Circulation Count, showing how many unique individuals have held this Coin in the past, helping indicate scarcity.
    3. Likes, showing which Coins people find the most attractive or desirable.
    4. Requests, showing who wants the Coin and giving the current Coin holder the opportunity to gift to them.
[fa icon="plus-square"]Can I see the contact details of everyone who touches these Coins?

One of the benefits of creating and sharing your Brand's own Coins with Crypto.Ƙred is that it helps build your Contact list.

Every Coin that you create is a network, and as that Coin changes hands between your customers or leads, they are added to the network.

PeopleBrowsr's Engagement Center provides CRM style visibility into each of these networks, displaying each Contact's card, including for example, their:

  1. Name
  2. Avatar
  3. Kred Influence and Outreach Score
  4. Bio
  5. Location
  6. Email
  7. Social accounts
[fa icon="plus-square"]How does this fit with my existing channels, eg. FB, TW, LI, Blog or Website?
  1. Share Request or Giveaway URLs on your website or social channels
    Every Coin carries a unique Request URL that you can post to your blog, website or social channels. Customers and leads can click this link to request the Coin, which notifies the current coinholder who can then approve and give someone the Coin.

    Should you wish to Coin to be claimed without approval, simply share the Coin or its batch's Giveaway URL.

  2. Give Coins on Social
    Send a Coin's Giveaway URL to someone in your Community on social for them to claim the Coin in a single click!

  3. Share Coins on Social
    Every Coin is optimized for social sharing and will populate cards on Twitter, Facebook etc with an image of the Coin being shared along with it's name and description.
[fa icon="plus-square"]How many Coins can I create per CƘr?

Control costs by creating Coins with the value that suits you:

  1. Crypto.Kred Coins can be minted with a value as low as USD $0.01 equivalent (100 Coins per CƘr)

  2. Max Coin value is currently USD $100 equivalent (April 16 2018)
[fa icon="plus-square"]What is the value of having a non-tangible Coin with our brand on it?

Much like the internet helped stores evolve from brick-and-mortar physical locations to e-commerce, the introduction of Blockchain is helping facilitate the evolution of branded collateral from stressballs and fridge magnets to digital coins and collectibles.

[fa icon="plus-square"]Can these Coins be traded on an exchange?

Crypto.Ƙred's base value is facilitated using the ERC20 protocol.

ERC20 based cryptocurrencies are supported by most exchanges and Crypto.Ƙred's CƘr may soon be able to be traded on these platforms.

Once you create a Coin using your CƘr, the Coin:

  1. Can be sold, auctioned or given on the Crypto.Ƙred platform, or sent directly to a compatible blockchain wallet.

  2. Can not be traded on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Need Design Help?

Choose a Brand package and let our Designers get to work for you.

Brands making bulk purchases of CƘr are invited to try our VIP Design Service. Submit whatever guidance you like and our Designers will send multiple variations of Coin mockups straight to your inbox.


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