Personalized Crypto Coins for Sharing and Connecting

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Personalize your own Coins

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Personalize your own Coins

Coins carry Conversation

Coins carry Conversation

Eyal Hertzog

"Every Currency is a Community. Holding that Currency makes you a member of that Community."

Eyal Hertzog
[fa icon="paper-plane"] @Hertzog

Product Architect at Bancor

"Every Currency is a Community. Holding that Currency makes you a member of that Community."

Eyal Hertzog

Eyal Hertzog
[fa icon="paper-plane"] @Hertzog


Connect with Coinholders

Ethereum and Stellar

It's on Blockchain. We made it Faster and Cheaper.

Crypto.Kred uses a dual-ledger system to provide high speed transactions at negligible costs.

All transactions are written to the Stellar Blockchain Network by default. Love Ethereum? No problem. Just flick the switch and pay the gas.

Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"]What is Blockchain?
A digital ledger in which transactions of a financial or a non-financial nature are stored and recorded with the oversight of the network supporting the ledger.
[fa icon="plus-square"]What is a Ƙred Coin?

Ƙred Coin is a new class of digital asset for sharing and connecting, powered by Blockchain and SocialOS. Together with the Crypto.Ƙred application, it is designed for giving, tracking and playing. It is based on:

  1. ERC20 Protocol CƘr unit of value - they are a precursor for storing CƘr on minted Coins

  2. Minted Ƙred Coins that use the ERC721 Protocol and are stored on either the Stellar or Ethereum distributed ledgers

Ƙred Coin is not a cryptocurrency - it is not a non-fungible collectible crypto asset. Each Coin derives value from the Moment it represents, its Circulation Trail and the social capital that comes with holding, trading or gifting the Coin.

[fa icon="plus-square"]What do I need to get started with Crypto.Ƙred?
A computer running any modern browser like Chrome or Firefox and a reliable connection to the internet.
[fa icon="plus-square"]How do I register?
You start by registering on Crypto.Ƙred. Once you have entered a unique email address, username, and a verified cell phone number you will be taken to the Crypto.Ƙred Marketplace, where you can buy more CƘr or start creating your own Coins. Get a quick how-to on creating your own personalised Coins in PeopleBrowsr’s free course.
[fa icon="plus-square"]How much does CƘr cost?
1 CƘr is equated to $1.00 USD. This value may vary from time to time and the actual value is displayed on your dashboard’s screen before every CƘr purchase. We plan to sell CƘr at $1.10 USD from January 1, 2019. The price at which we sell CƘr may change.
[fa icon="plus-square"]How do I buy CƘr?
You can buy CƘr from your Crypto.Ƙred menu. Click on the Coin’s icon and select “Buy More.” You can buy CƘr with ETH, DOGE, BTC or USD. You can purchase a minimum of 1CƘr, and a maximum of 100 during the trial period (up to 5,000 with KYC).
[fa icon="plus-square"]I have CƘr in my balance, what can I do with it?

CƘr is the base currency (ERC20 protocol) that powers Crypto.Ƙred.

There are a few ways you may have received your CƘr:

  1. A bonus when you signed up to Crypto.Ƙred
  2. Purchase of CƘr using USD, BTC, ETH or DOGE via the Buy More link
  3. Somebody bought one of your Coins in the Marketplace
  4. You earned a royalty from the sale of a Coin that you originally issued
  5. Transfer from someone else's wallet

Now that you have some CƘr, you can:

  1. Use it to create new custom Coin(s) by clicking Create a Coin in the menu
    Coins can be created for as little as 0.01 CƘr, meaning you can create up to 100 Coins with a balance of just 1!

  2. Buy Coins that interest you in the Marketplace
    Coins in the Marketplace can be sold via Auction or with a set sale price. If a Coin you want is not for sale, click REQUEST and the owner may just give it to you for free!

  3. Export your CƘr to an external wallet
    CƘr can be exported to any Ethereum compatible crypto wallet for safe keeping. CƘr may soon become available to trade on external exchanges.